A companion is an animal that every inhabitant of Eldarya has. They mostly act as messengers and scavengers. They can be used to find clothes, companion eggs, food, bait, and miscellaneous items by sending them out on exploration.

Starting Companions Edit

In the third episode, players automatically take a test that matches them to one of three companions. Based on their results, they can get a Becola, a Corko, or a Sabali. Players are gifted an incubator in order to hatch their companion.

Obtaining Edit

Most companions can be found through exploration or be bought through the Market, but there are a few that can only be found in the Companion Shop. There are others that were only available during certain events.

Hatching Edit

Each companion species has a varying amount of time needed before it completely hatches. Generally, the more common a companion is, the less time it needs to hatch. The more rare a companion is, the longer it will take to hatch.

Players can prematurely end a hatching companion by paying Gold Coins. The amount of Gold Coins needed deprecates as time goes on.

Companion Care Edit

Each companion species has a certain type of food that only they will eat. Companions need to be fed every day. All companions have their own inventory that can hold up to fifteen of whatever food they eat and all players can store up to 30 pieces of any food item. If a companion runs out of food, their energy will deplete until it reaches zero. If a companion still doesn't have enough food, then their affection level will start to run out. Once the affection level reaches zero, a companion will automatically return to their egg.

List Edit

Bellow is a list of all known companions that are or at one point were available.

Common Edit

Image Name Found at... Bait Food Price
(Gold Coins)
Becola Egg Becola Beach or Shallow Waters
(City of El)
Round Lily Pad Bamboo Shoot 900 150
Corko Egg Corko Shallow Waters or Beach
(City of El)
Flippers Sweetened Eggs 900 150
Crowmero Egg Crowmero HQ Gardens
(City of El)
Emerald Lantern Glowing Caterpillar N/A 200
Crylasm Egg Crylasm HQ Gardens, Western Plain, or Burrow
(City of El)
Golden Shears Eskimo Pie Popsicle N/A N/A
Dalafa Egg Dalafa Unknown Dreamcatcher Honey Fruit N/A 200
Jipinku Egg Jipinku Rock
(City of El)
Sticky Lollipop Sugar Clouds 1200 200
Kiampu Egg Kiampu Kappa Beach
(City of El)
Iridescent Pearls Frozen Bubble N/A N/A
Pimpel Egg Pimpel HQ Gardens, Western Plain, or Eastern Plain
(City of El)
Watering Can Precious Lotus N/A 200
Sabali Egg Sabali Forest - Right
(City of El)
Currycomb Cotton Flower 900 150
Sitourche Egg Sitourche Woods of the Lake
(Jade Coast)
Abandoned Plushie Imperfect Snowflake N/A N/A

Rare Edit

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Epic Edit

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Legendary Edit

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Event Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Poulpatata and Dalafa are the only companions to have a nocturnal version.

Navigation Edit


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