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A list of various tasks for editors to work on in order to improve the wiki.

Episodes Edit

NOTE: For editing episode L'o'M guides, use the LOM templates.

Characters Edit

  • Change the format of all the character pages to match the Character page layout.
  • Rewrite character descriptions to be more detailed.

Companions Edit

  • Fully flesh out all companion pages.
  • Try to get descriptions for as many companions as possible.

Images Edit

  • Delete duplicate images.
  • Rename all images to correct format.
  • Fix any broken image links and change redirects.
  • Delete any images that aren't being used.

Layouts Edit

  • Create a Companion page layout.
  • Create a Bait page layout.

Categories Edit

  • Delete unneeded categories.
  • Remove inaccurate categories from articles.
  • Create specific categories for images. (i.e. "Miiko Images" "Halloween 2016 Images")
  • Add the category User to all user pages.

Misc Edit

  • N/A

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