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Episode N°1Welcome to Eldarya

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A walk in the forest, a circle of mushrooms... And a blinding light.
Your entrance into a new world may reveal some surprises... Good and bad.

Summary Edit

As Guardian peacefully takes a walk through the forest she's always loved, she notices an oddly perfect circle of mushrooms that had never been there before while observing the nature around her. Curious, she walked towards them to take a closer look. The grass inside of the circle appeared far fresher than any of the other grass Guardian had seen up till that moment. She had hardly taken a step into the circle when lightning bugs flew out from nowhere, almost dancing around her in a beautiful show of lights. Only a few seconds later, a blinding light surrounded her, in a panic, she could only manage to make out a few vague forms. However before she could see exactly what has around her, the light vanished, and along with it, the forest.  Now, she is in a strange place unlike anything she had seen before in her life. Shocked, her eyes search around the room, trying to figure out an explanation.

Then her eyes landed on the giant, beautiful blue crystal on a pedestal in the center of the room. As if in a trance, she walked towards the crystal, having an almost uncontrollable urge to touch it. Right as her hand brushed the crystal, a loud voice cut through the trance. Surprised, she turned to see a angry woman with fox-like features...?  The woman began to shout at her, demanding to know how she got there, instantaneously losing the last of her temper when she is not immediately answered. As Guardians started to stammer her story, she was cut off by a loud noise. The woman orders Jamon to take her someplace as she goes to see what happened.

The giant pulled Guardian by the wrist outside of the room to a impossibly long flight of stairs that seemed to never end. It was dark, and when they finally reached the bottom, the beast threw her into a cage. Now left alone, she breaks down crying. All hope she had remaining disappeared as full realization came to her; she was in a new world, she was a prisoner, and this was not a dream.

Outfit Edit

There are no outfits for this episode.

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There are no quest items in this episode.

Hidden Items Edit

There are no hidden items in this episode.

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Official Episode Guide Edit

Episode Decoration 1
Episode Guide
Episode Decoration 2
This first episode serves as an introduction to the story.
Exceptionally, there are no movements during this episode and you just have to "follow the dialogue".
You will learn more about your entrance into this magical world.


C H A P T E R I - One last step on Earth

C H A P T E R II - A first step in Eldarya

Episode Decoration 1
One last step on Earth
Episode Decoration 2

Life is full of surprises! You have decided to talk a peaceful walk in your favorite forest.

Although you know the forest well, this time, you notice a small circle of mushrooms you have never seen before. Strange...

You are blinded by a white light and you find yourself teleported to a room you have never seen before.

Episode Decoration 1
A first step in Eldarya
Episode Decoration 2

A Grand Crystal is kept in this room on a pedestal. You are suddenly, and inexplicably, drawn towards the crystal...

You snap out of your trance to find yourself being yelled at by a fox-like girl. She seems quite angry that you are in the room and yells at you. She is interrupted by a loud noise and then orders a sort of giant to put you in a prison cell.

This giant, named Jamon, takes you by force to the deepest caverns and throws you in a dark and gloomy cell.

This is where you finish the first episode of Eldarya!

That’s all for this journal entry!
See you for episode 2!

Love'o'Meter Guide Edit

There are no dialogue options available for this episode.

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