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Episode N°10The Blues

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After the latest events, you realize that not everything is rosy in this world, but the calm seems to gradually be returning to H.Q.
It's time to learn more about certain members or even to meet new people.

Summary Edit

((Coming soon))

Quest Items Edit

Image Purpose Where to find
(Image) (Purpose) (Where)

Hidden Items Edit

Image Objective Where to find
(Image) (Objective) (Where)

Illustrations Edit

Official Episode Guide Edit

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Episode Guide

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There is not yet an official guide for this episode.

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Love'o'Meter Guide Edit


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.

NOTE: You will HAVE to set the crush on the boy you want to have escort you back to your room. If you don’t, you will hear a noise but nothing will happen.
You do not have to set your crush to get an illustration.


What you pick during the Mission Report doesn't matter

  • A. (I don't know what to think.) =
  • B. (No, that's impossible... I don't think I have that kind of power.) (With Ezarel) -
  • C. (I agree with Ezarel, it would be really cool if I had that kind of power.) (With Ezarel and Nevra) +

  • A. (I'm actually a little disappointed.) =
  • B. (I'm reassured I don't have to bear such a responsibility.) =
  • C. (At the same time, what would I have done with such powers?) =

  • A. I'll have what Ezarel's having, a little hydromel, please. (With Ezarel) +
  • B. I'll have what Valkyon's having, a small beer, please. (With Valkyon) +
  • C. I'll have what Nevra's having, a glass of mulled wine, please. (With Nevra) +

  • A. I'll have a glass of lemonade, please. (With Valkyon) +
  • B. I'll have a glass of grape juice, please. (With Nevra) +
  • C. I'll have a glass of warm milk, please. (With Ezarel) +

Varies depending on crush

  • A. Okay... +
  • B. No thank you. -

  • A. (Don't open the letter) =
  • B. (Open the letter) (With Kero) -

  • A. I will absolutely not do this mission. =
  • B. I will do this mission, whatever it costs me. =

  • A. (I miss Nevra.) (Towards Nevra's illustration) =
  • B. (I miss Ezarel.) (Towards Ezarel's illustration) =
  • C. (I miss Valkyon.) (Towards Valkyon's illustration) =
  • D. (I miss my friends from my world.) =
  • E. (I miss my parents.) =


  • A. (What a wonderful night, I hope to have more like this ♥.) (Towards Ezarel's illustration) =
  • B. (I’ve never had a worse night.) (Towards Nevra's illustration) =
  • C. (It’s pointless to mope, it was a terrible night; life goes on!) (Towards Valkyon's illustration) =

  • A. Keep going forward a little. =
  • B. Don't move. =

  • A. Move forward again. =
  • B. Don't move forward any more. =

  • A. Nevra, is that you? (Towards Nevra's illustration) =
  • B. Ezarel, is that you? (Towards Ezarel's illustration) =
  • C. Valkyon, is that you? (Towards Valkyon's illustration) =

  • A. ...I can't get Nevra out of my head. (Towards Nevra's illustration) =
  • B. ...I can't get Ezarel out of my head. (Towards Ezarel's illustration) =
  • C. ...I can't get Valkyon out of my head. (Towards Valkyon's illustration) =

  • A. (Nevra, where are you?) (Towards Nevra's illustration) =
  • B. (Ezarel, where are you?) (Towards Ezarel's illustration) =
  • C. (Valkyon, where are you?) (Towards Valkyon's illustration) =


Two free drinks and a private invitation. As usual.

  • A. (What a bragger, I hardly believe that.) -
  • B. (I can't help feeling a little jealous.) +
  • C. (Ugh, men.) =


  • A. Not at all, I'm not interested in you. -
  • B. A little, yes... +
  • C. No, but suddenly you were not very present. =


  • A. Nevra... =
  • B. (I would have liked that too...) =


Well, that's not all, but your gullibility is making me thirsty

  • A. (I rolled my eyes.) = (+ with Valkyon)
  • B. You're a drag... = (- with Valkyon)
  • C. I applaud your effort. =

...Brilliant, funny, and good-looking. I really have been blessed by the Oracle!

  • A. Don't forget pretentious, annoying, and a little over-sensitive, too. +
  • B. Are you okay? Sure your head isn't overly swollen? = (+ with Valkyon)
  • C. Oh, quit your bragging, you're such a drag. -

Does that bother you?

  • A. Not at all, I'm not interested in you. =
  • B. A little, yes, I'd have liked to spend more time with you. -
  • C. No, although I'd have liked to get to know you better. +

I forgot to mention, you're also totally stupid.

  • A. Ezarel, why are you telling me this? =
  • B. I... (I don't know what to say, am I really like that? =
  • C. If you hate me so much, why are you here? =


Not really.

  • A. That's not really fair! -
  • B. That's understandable. =
  • C. You're lucky! +

And...Did you mind that?

  • A. Not at all, you don't really interest me. -
  • B. A little, yes...but I feel like you don't really want to know me. +
  • C. No, although it does make it a little hard to talk to you. =

....And you're pretty stupid.

  • A. What you're saying is...difficult to hear. =
  • B. I'm sorry... =
  • C. Valkyon, why are you saying all this to me? =


You know, I'm very busy, I really have quite a lot of work to do.

  • A. (Insist) (He might accept) =
  • B. (Don't insist) =
  • C. (Empathize) (He might accept) =

{$Psudeo}! Are you okay?!

  • A. (Take his hand) =
  • B. (Stay on the ground a little) +
  • C. (Get up by myself) -

Ooo... I didn't realize the incident had been so...

  • A. Consequential? =
  • B. Devastating? -
  • C. Explosive? +

Oh goodness, Karenn. Luckily, she's a sweet girl and it doesn't occur to her to do bad things.

  • A. Yes, she seems nice. +
  • B. We really didn't talk that much in the end, I don't really have an opinion on her. =
  • C. I don't know... I can't seem to get on with her. -

This mission wasn't...the easiest, from an emotional point of view.

  • A. Oh...don't worry, I'm fine. -
  • B. I don't really want to talk about it. +
  • C. I'll admit it wasn't very easy to get it done. =

Why didn't you tell me you didn't find anyone?

  • A. I did not want to disturb you anymore. =
  • B. It is a bit difficult to confess my loneliness. (More dialogue) =
  • C. You could have accepted from the beginning too. -


  • A. (Seriously? Leiftan is too foolish.) -
  • B. Maybe I'm your soulmate then? +
  • C. I don't know what to say, ha ha... (More dialogue) =


  • A. Yes, of course! +
  • B. Not at all. -
  • C. I don’t have any opinion on the matter, I’m sorry. =

Hello. Then, what do you say beautiful?

  • A. Not much since a while ago. I made the report to Ykhar and here I am to talk to you. =
  • B. Not much... (More dialogue) =


  • A. (I do not want to bother you with this mission story.) -
  • B. I did a pretty...strange mission. =
  • C. I've just come back from a little mission...but tell me about you! +

Well now, here's someone who got out on the wrong side of the bed.

  • A. You think I look like I'm in a bad mood? +
  • B. Not at all, I just had a bad dream. =
  • C. Not at all, I assure you. =


I don't have many friends outside the Light Guard.

  • A. Oh? How come? =
  • B. Are you not very sociable? -
  • C. I'll be your friend if you want. +


  • A. Do you want to come with me? =
  • B. (I'd rather go with someone else, sorry Kero!) =


  • A. No, I'll be fine! =
  • B. No, I'd like to finish the mission before.
  • C. No, I usually fall. =


  • A. I would've had a hard time clearing everything up. +
  • B. I didn't really want to confess everything. =
  • C. I would've managed if it had not been the case. -


  • A. Karenn? Yes, it seems to hold a sacred layer. -
  • B. Karenn? Yes, she looks very funny! +
  • C. Karenn? Yes, she doesn't seem to take herself seriously. =


  • A. It's okay, don't worry. -
  • B. I don't want to talk about it. =
  • C. I will confess that it is not easy to collect everything. +


Oh {$Psudeo} it's been a while! Can I hug you?

  • A. Of course! =
  • B. I don't really do hugs, sorry! (More dialogue) -
  • C. I don't really do hugs, but since it's you. (If you've expressed a good opinion of her) +


  • A. (Continue) =
  • B. (I don't think so.) =

I don't know...Sorry, but that bothers me a little.

  • A. You shouldn't worry about me. =
  • B. It's nice of you to worry about me. +
  • C. You should worry about your own concerns. -

Well,I'm not sure, you look a little weird today.

  • A. ...(I don't know what to say) +
  • B. No, I'm just fine. -
  • C. Well, that's what happened. -

Oh, the usual, I talked about you. He tried to get information out of me, so I sort of took the mick a little bit...

  • A. That wasn't very nice to make fun of him. -
  • B. You guys really have a weird kind of hostility between you. =
  • C. I didn't know you were so into mocking people. +


  • A. (Sorry Alajea, but I'm also on the case and I intend to fight you.) -
  • B. (Sorry Alajea...I hope you do not beat me.) =
  • C. (Sorry Alajea, may the best win.) +

  • A. (I'm starting to reconsider my judgment on Alajea, she's much nicer than she seemed...) =
  • B. (I always have a bad feel with respect to Alajea...) =

I miss it.

  • A. I think it misses you too, you know. =
  • B. (I don.t know what to tell her.) =
  • C. You're going to be able to go back bit by bit now. =


  • A. Agent {$Psudeo} reporting in! +
  • B. Hi Ykhar! I just made my report. =

Yes, yes. Go ahead. Unless you have anything else to add.

  • A. (Say nothing more) =
  • B. (Admit everything) (More dialogue with Karenn later) =
  • C. (Ask her to let it go) =


Well I'm forcing you to, regardless!

  • A. We'll, I'll leave you in peace then, if you have nothing more to look at. +
  • B. Say, I have a pretty personal question...(I want to know what's wrong with Purroy.) -
  • C. You are a little bit tyrannical. =


And you didn't read it?

  • A. No...But I thought about it, I'll be honest. +
  • B. No...I would never betray Kero's trust. =
  • C. No...I'm not a curious person. -

That's why I told you I find this situation so funny.

  • A. I don't find it funny at all. -
  • B. Honestly, that is pretty funny after all. +
  • C. (I'm not too impressed by all this...) =

So, do you accept the mission?

  • A. No...sorry, I can't. =
  • B. I guess someone has to do it, huh? =


  • A. If, I did not bother to confess everything. +
  • B. Not at all... -
  • C. Why should I have done it? =


I really thought about whether I should be mad at you about that.

  • A. Okay. =
  • B. (Is he making fun of me?) =

  • A. ...Especially because I'm pretty sure I wasn't horrible talking about you. =
  • B. ...Especially because I couldn't really remember everything that we did. =

  • A. ...Moreover, I don’t remember everything that happened. =
  • B. (Don’t say anything else) =
  • C. (Agree with what he is saying) =

  • A. ...Especially because I don’t think I mistreated you. =
  • B. ...Moreover, I don’t remember everything that happened. =

I mean like burying the hatchet, if you want.

  • A. Sorry, but I'm not read to forgive you. =
  • B. Alright, it bothered me to stay angry at you. =
  • C. (Honestly, it doesn't really matter to me whether I'm angry at him or not.) =


  • A. Do you want to come with me? =
  • B. (I'd rather go with someone else, sorry Chrome!) =


  • A. I'm less awkward than usual. +
  • B. Yes, I have two left feet. -
  • C. And you? =


  • A. Chrome... Please, no comments. +
  • B. Chrome... You're priceless. =
  • C. Chrome... We didn't do it on purpose, you know. -

She's a cool girl, isn't she?

  • A. Hmm, I don't know, I'm not feeling it. -
  • B. I don't have a special opinion about her. =
  • C. Yes, she seems pretty nice. +

Bah... I'm saying that if I had to accomplish a mission like this after everything I had lived, I might not be good at all.

  • A. It's okay, don't worry. =
  • B. I will confess that it is not easy to collect everything. -
  • C. I don't want to talk about it with you. +


  • A. (Maybe I should change my mind; he is making an effort to fix things, after all.) =
  • B. (I cannot forgive his behavior.) =


  • A. Don't worry, it's done, it's done. =
  • B. You had only to accept from the beginning. =
  • C. I did not find you. =

I'm trying out new things, seeing what works best on people. See?

  • A. Are you trying to impress someone? -
  • B. Forget that line, I don't think it works for you. =
  • C. You should stay true to yourself... +



  • A. (Visit) +
  • B. (Throw the shovel to defend myself) -
  • C. (Continue throwing threats and hope it works) =


  • A. I don't know, I'd say Obsidian. =
  • B. I don't know, I'd say Shadow. (Correct) =
  • C. I don't know, I'd say Absynthe. =

Tomorrow, I am planning a little picnic outside with a friend, would you like to come?

  • A. I have nothing to do so yes, why not. -
  • B. Yes, for sure! +
  • C. I'm sorry, I don't really want to. =

And who was telling you all these mean things? A family member? A friend?

  • A. It was {Guy}. =
  • B. Uh, no one in particular. =

Stop pushing everything back to tomorrow!

  • A. (Defend Alajea) =
  • B. (Don't defend Alajea) =


  • A. No one, I assure you. (More dialogue) =
  • B. {Crush}! (More dialogue if your crush is Nevra) =


  • A. I won't say anything, sorry. =
  • B. {Crush}! (More dialogue if your crush is Nevra) =


  • A. And...I told her. +
  • B. (I'd better not tell her I admitted everything.) -

Well...I am.

  • A. You shouldn't stress so much either. It's not necessarily a good thing to let yourself wallow in your worry. =
  • B. Don't worry, I'm sure she'll get better in a few days. =
  • C. It's adorable you're so worried about her. (More dialogue) =

I spied on Miiko and Leiftan, they were talking about it.

  • A. What did they say exactly? -
  • B. Oh, that doesn't sound too encouraging. =
  • C. Are you that worried? +


Guardian fall? Haha!

  • A. No. I'm just having fun listening to the ground. =
  • B. Yes I tripped on...I don't know what... +
  • C. Don't make fun of me! -

Oh! Many mess here!

  • A. Yes...I'm sorry. =
  • B. Pfff, as if we'd done it like this on purpose!
  • C. That's why we're coming to clean it all up now! +

Karenn be funny!

  • A. Yes, she is! +
  • B. I don't know, we didn't talk all that much. =
  • C. Do you think so? I don't. -

If {$Psudeo} want talk to Jamon about hamadryad you can. You know, right?

  • A. I'll be ok, don't you worry. -
  • B. I don't really want to talk about it. =
  • C. I'll admit it wasn't easy to bear. +


That depends on your tastes. Something stronger? Or something soft?

  • A. Something strong, I'd say. =
  • B. Do you have anything without alcohol? =


Hmm, I don't have that many people left, you know. I had to ask Miiko to post an advertisement.

  • A. (Offer to help) =
  • B. (Don't offer to help) =

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