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Episode N°11Toxic Mission

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In a new region, you must investigate on some mysterious poisonings.
What could possibly be lying in that obscure cave in which you will be leading your investigation?

Summary Edit

((Coming soon))

Companion Edit

Image How to get Bait
Grookhan Egg


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Bait Piece of a Statue

Piece of a Statue

Quest Items Edit

Name Purpose Where to find
(Name) (Purpose) (Where)

Illustrations Edit

Official Episode Guide Edit

Episode Decoration 1

Episode Guide

Episode Decoration 2

There is not yet an official guide for this episode.

We apologize for any inconveniences.

It’s on that note that this journal entry ends.
See you next time in Episode 13!

Unofficial Guide Edit

Map Edit

This will be updated at a later date to an English translation

Episode 12 Map1
Episode 12 Map2

Credit for maps goes to Through Eldarya

Catching Grookhan Edit

During the objective Get out the cave before you get trapped, you will have the ability to capture a Grookhan. If you go past the objective you will not be able to capture this companion.

To catch it, once you’re in the cave, go to [Inside the pillar] > [Bridge] > [Gateway of the horizon] > [To the right] > [Gallery] > Click on the rocks to remove them.

Then go towards [Remains of the solitary]. You will find the companion there.
You’ll need to have it’s bait, Piece of Stone (found at the Big Leaf Path, Jade Coast), to capture the Grookhan.

Love'o'Meter Guide Edit


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.

IMPORTANT: The guy you go on the mission with is random, to go with all the guys you will have to use replays. (You can’t meet the same guy twice until you’ve met all three using replays.)
Once you’ve played the episode with the three guys, you can pick who you want to spend the episode with during a replay.


  • A. (When I think about it, not at all.) =
  • B. (I think yes, I'm sure something is up over there...) =
  • C. (Hmm, at the same time, I understand that. I'm really am between a rock and a hard place.) (Towards any illustration?) =

  • A. (Leave the benefit of the doubt) =
  • B. (Be suspicious) =



  • A. Maybe Ewelein can not find a cure? -
  • B. Hmm... =
  • C. I hope so too... (Towards illustration) (More dialogue) =
  • D. (Do not add anything.) =


  • A. That luck flies away and one of the villagers does not get out of it. (More dialogue) +
  • B. That the same thing happens to us! (Towards illustration) (More dialogue) +
  • C. That the cause of this disease is never found! (More dialogue) =


  • A. You are right. +
  • B. That will be difficult. =


  • A. What can make you think that? =
  • B. You promise? (More dialogue) +
  • C. I have trouble believing you. -


  • A. We should. What is the point of giving our services if we are unable to keep our promises? -
  • B. I know. It is a bit Utopian to think it =


  • A. Yes, I can not wait! +
  • B. More or less, I apprehend a little... =
  • C. No, I wanted to do the mission of rebuilding the temple. -


  • A. Afterwards, I can understand... =
  • B. I was more frustrated than angry, actually... =
  • C. You can always be forgiven, you know. (Towards illustration) (More dialogue) =


  • A. (Stand up to him.) (Towards illustration) =
  • B. (Stop this little game.) =


  • A. And go well, get out. (Towards illustration) (More dialogue) =
  • B. (Do not continue the conversation.) =


  • A. More seriously, if you're hungry for blood, you can go... (Towards illustration) +
  • B. Why are you afraid of loving? =
  • C. I was joking. =


  • A. Nevra... Not now. -
  • B. I can do it right now? =
  • C. (Take his arm.) (Towards illustration) +


  • A. (Wait a little longer.) =
  • B. (Go to recharge only.) (Towards illustration) =
  • C. (Call it.) =

So, happy about your mission to Balenvia?

  • A. Yes, even though I ended up with Ezarel... -
  • B. No chance I'll get bored with Ezarel there. =
  • C. I hope Ezarel won't be a tyrant. +


  • A. On the contrary, it will allow me to know Valkyon more. -
  • B. Well, I still have trouble figuring out Valkyon... =
  • C. Not at all, I trust Valkyon. +


  • A. (Castor and Pollux? That rings a bell, actually!) (Towards illustration?) (More dialogue) =
  • B. Castor and who? =

  • A. (I'm certain he's referring to Pollux from the Magic Roundabout!) =
  • B. (Could he be talking about the twins from the Roman myth?) (Towards illustration?) (More dialogue) =
  • C. (After you think they have their version of the Hunger Games as well?) =
  • D. Like... Father Castor? =
  • E. (Actually, no... I don't know what he's talking about.) =

You've got it all wrong. I know Roman History extremely well. I'm surprised you know it too. I just thought anything to do with what you wrongly defined as "myths" didn't interest you.

  • A. Don't be mistaken! I really like mythology... (Towards illustration?) +
  • B. What do you mean, "what we wrongly define"?! =


  • A. Nice, really very nice -
  • B. The same. I have morale in socks since. =
  • C. (Ignore) +

I hope you won't be too harsh about it in the end.

  • A. I promise nothing, I am always very angry. =
  • B. I'm not mad... =
  • C. We'll see, be nice and maybe it will appease me ♥ (Towards illustration) =

  • A. Well... Thank you for excusing me, it's nice. =
  • B. (Do not add anything) =

Nothing for the moment. I'm fine with just watching for now. What about you, any theories?

  • A. I was for the basilisk one, pretty much... =
  • B. Maybe it's a ghost? -
  • C. Maybe it's a rock monster or some kind of vegetation? (Towards illustration) +
  • D. Sorry, I have no idea. =


  • A. Sorry! (I immediately let go, embarrassed.) (Towards illustration) +
  • B. That was a reflex, I'm sorry. -
  • C. (Act as if nothing had happened) =

  • A. (Wait a little longer) (Towards illustration) =
  • B. (Set off alone to continue the quest) =
  • C. (Call him) =


  • A. (I'll confess I'm jealous, but it's out of question to tell him.) +
  • B. I am not jealous. -
  • C. A little, I would have liked to do the mission. =


  • A. You could tell me "no, I can not answer because blablabla" -
  • B. Yes, it's true, I was just curious. sorry. +
  • C. Let's say that your "no" without anything else, surprised me. =



  • A. You look exhausted... You have enormous rings. -
  • B. You look exhausted... Are you okay? (Towards illustration?) =
  • C. You look exhausted ... you want to go to rest? (More dialogue) =
  • D. (Don't say anything.) =


  • A. Are you sure?
  • B. I insist. you need some rest. (More dialogue) =
  • C. (Making a sulky pout.) +


  • A. Valkyon, I'm worried about you, you know. =
  • B. You promise? +
  • C. I have trouble believing you. -


  • A. Are you sure you have not forgotten anything? -
  • B. You are very organized. +
  • C. I do not know if that's very helpful. =


  • A. I was really angry after yesterday's conversation... =
  • B. I should have been more understanding of yesterday's conversation... (Towards illustration) +
  • C. I wanted to thank you for being so considerate with us. =


  • A. You think it's basil? =
  • B. You have tracks? =
  • C. That is to say? =


  • A. Like a dryad? =
  • B. Kind of a "monster-rock? =


  • A. Do not apologize, for once you speak! -
  • B. I understand, sometimes it's simpler to think like that. =
  • C. It does not bother me, I like to hear your voice. +


  • A. It's cute, the way Chrome obeys me without bothering. +
  • B. You get along with chrome. -
  • C. On we go, then chief. (Towards illustration?) =


  • A. (Wait a little longer) =
  • B. (Go looking for her alone.) =
  • C. (Call it.) =

Oh, I see.

  • A. I hope he's not going to be too much of a drag... =
  • B. I've got a feel I'll have a good time with him. -
  • C. I'm a little apprehensive about it, actually. +


  • A. Ah, do not you have an ongoing mission then? =
  • B. You can take some time for yourself. -
  • C. I would have liked to go on a mission with you. +


How are you?

  • A. Fine, can't you see? (I hope he can here the sarcasm I'm lacing my voice with.) +
  • B. Bad very bad. =
  • C. Sorry, I don't want to talk about it. -

  • A. (Don't let myself go in front of Leiftan.) +
  • B. (Let myself go in front of Leiftan.) +


Our ancestors created it a few centuries ago. A few decades before the Great Exile. I thought you knew that.

  • A. Yes, but I wanted to be sure... =
  • B. Not at all, I thought it was quite a recent world. =

Hmm, although for now it might be difficult, as the only people able to teach you in the optimal way are away on missions, about to leave on one, or overstretched.

  • A. Well, thanks for the false hope. -
  • B. Can't you just let me know when someone becomes available? =
  • C. Some other time then, it's not very important. +



  • A. Why, should I feel something? =
  • B. The taste was horrible. =
  • C. Could I get side effects later? =

Nothing... What did you need from me?

  • A. (Insist on knowing what's troubling her.) =
  • B. (Don't insist and leave her in peace.) (Towards any illustration?) =


Don't give me that, you've been here since yesterday, you have no idea how lame it's getting here!

  • A. Hey! Calm down, it's not worth getting mad at me like that. -
  • B. Take a deep breath, calm down... +
  • C. (Leave him alone to his cursing) =

  • A. It's annoying. (More dialogue) =
  • B. You look like a beaten puppy. -
  • C. Come on now, give me a smile. (More dialogue) =


  • A. (Respond coldly) -
  • B. (Respond sarcastically) +
  • C. (Ignore) =


  • A. (Pretend not to have heard anything) =
  • B. (Jump on the chance to give him a nickname worse than Chromy) =


  • A. They already looked and found nothing. =
  • B. Yeah, let’s go back to the cave. =


  • A. Which means? =
  • B. It’s ancient Greek. =

I think that your meeting with Huang Hua was a sign that we're going to battle the Basilisk!

  • A. I don’t believe that for a second... =
  • B. That seems pretty likely. =
  • C. (I don't really know what to think.) (More dialogue later) =


  • A. Again with this Basilisk?
  • B. I believe you. +
  • C. You should go back to the village. =

Hey! You don't look too good.

  • A. (Tell the truth) =
  • B. (Lie) =


I'm okay. I'm a little short on gossip, which makes me a little sad.

  • A. Awww, poor thing. +
  • B. You'll probably have loads when I return. =
  • C. Seriously, get a life. -

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