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Episode N°14The Price of Knowledge

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You're really struggling after yet another betrayal.
And it's not any future events that will help you resume a normal life within H.Q.

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Love'o'Meter Guide Edit


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.


  • A. (Try to pass by on the left side of the gallytrot) (Correct choice) =
  • B. (Try to pass by on the right side of the gallytrot) =

  • A. (Run for the stairs) =
  • B. (Try to trick it) (Correct choice) =

  • A. (I shouldn't open this book.) (Better choice) =
  • B. (I should open this book.) =

  • A. I suggest Ezarel and I go in one direction, and Nevra and Valkyon go in the other! =
  • B. I suggest Nevra and I go in one direction, and Ezarel and Valkyon go in the other! =
  • C. I suggest Valkyon and I go in one direction, and Ezarel and Nevra go in the other! =



  • A. It wouldn't be the "Bullfighter guard" of the opera "Carmen" =
  • B. It wouldn't be "Miller, you sleep"? =
  • C. (I doubt he knows the last piece of Sia...) =


  • A. Happy! =
  • B. Without way, thank you. -


  • A. I am not scared of you. -
  • B. (He actually did surprise me.) +
  • C. Nevra... (I rolled my eyes.) =

Weeell, Yhkar will be mad at you for a while, but that's not really important.

  • A. I don't want her to be mad at me, I like Yhkar! =
  • B. As if I needed her to aggravate me further... -
  • C. I'm going to go make puppy eyes at her so that she'll forgive me. +


  • A. It's true that you're so much to fall that I can not help but want to be by your side... +
  • B. I would rather go with Ezarel. -


  • A. Me? I'm fine. My parents, on the other hand... (With Valkyon & Ezarel too) -
  • B. Unfortunately, yes. =
  • C. I'm fine, it didn't have time to do anything. =


If I take peppermint, borage flower, bluish, chocolate chips, and moogliz milk, I get?

  • A. A truly disgusting mix? =
  • B. A potion that makes people happy? (Correct choice) =
  • C. An elixir of confusion? =

What can be done or achieved through alchemy?

  • A. Potions, mainly. =
  • B. Whatever you want as long as the ingredients are compatible. (Correct choice) =
  • C. Gold!! =

I'm trying.

  • A. I can see that. =
  • B. (I don't know what to say to him.) -
  • C. What if you just let things happen? +


  • A. Nothing that concerns you. +
  • B. Nothing at all. -
  • C. What are you doing here? =


  • A. Are you challenging me? +
  • B. Oh, stop mocking me. I feel really bad. =
  • C. Oh, let it go. -

Does that mean I'm going to have to tolerate you?

  • A. Uh, yes, unfortunately... +
  • B. It's more me that's going to have to tolerate your presence! -

Sorry, she's not listening at all... She's having a panic attack and it's above my skill level. We should go find Ewelein.

  • A. Ok. =
  • B. Do you want me to try and reason with her? =

Are you ok, {$Psudeo}? Are you hurt at all? Are all your memories intact?

  • A. Me? I'm fine. My parents, on the other hand... (With Valkyon & Nevra too) -
  • B. (How about I mess with him a little?) B-but...who are you? =
  • C. I'm fine, it didn't have time to do anything. =

  • A. I'll admit, I still resent them quite a lot. =
  • B. I shouldn't have been quite so...harsh. = (+ with Miiko)



  • A. (As talkative as ever from what I can see.) =
  • B. (What a jerk!) =


  • A. That's nice, thank you. +
  • B. Ok, thanks. =
  • C. You don't need to force yourself. =

  • A. Could you at least announce your presence before you start lecturing me? -
  • B. Excuse me? +
  • C. Oh really? Why not? =


  • A. Oh? What kind? +
  • B. Valkyon the implacable makes errors? I can hardly believe it. -
  • C. What's the worst of your mistakes? =


  • A. You're not binding. +
  • B. Still happy. -


  • A. Me? I'm fine. My parents, on the other hand... (With Ezarel & Nevra too) -
  • B. Nothing happened to me this time. =
  • C. I'm fine, it didn't have time to do anything. =


No... We'd let you leave, if you wanted and if we were certain you'd be safe.

  • A. Really? +
  • B. I'm having a tough time believing you. =
  • C. (Of course, take me for an idiot.) -

Are you still angry?

  • A. I'm not angry. =
  • B. How could I not be? =


Do you still not want to talk about it?

  • A. Let's just say it's a problem I want to deal with alone. +
  • B. I'm afraid it might be too much of a blow to your innocence and perception of people in the group. -
  • C. Not for the moment... Maybe later. (More dialogue) =


  • A. (Accept the hug from Kero) =
  • B. (Refuse the hug from Kero) =

Seriously...if she did that for herself, maybe she would for others too.

  • A. We live in hope. =
  • B. I hope so, especially for your sake. +
  • C. People rarely change. -


He's often in the library with his nose in a book. Is he not there?

  • A. No, he's not... =
  • B. It's funny, Karenn said exactly the same thing! But no, he isn't. =

No one...

  • A. Alajea... You don't happen to have a boyfriend you're not talking about, do you? +
  • B. Ok, I won't push it. =
  • C. Ok. (And in any case, I don't care.) -

  • A. It was nice to look after familiars. +
  • B. What an awful mission though, grooming familiars for Purreru. =

I'm a member of the Guard of El, not Purreru's employee. Members of the can't choose what they want to do.

  • A. You could leave the guard and join the Purrekos? =
  • B. I'm serious, talk to Miiko about it. =
  • C. (This isn't really my problem, I'd rather not keep talking about this.) =


You're feeling better now, I hope?!

  • A. Yes, don't worry about it. =
  • B. Not really, but I don't want to talk about it... -
  • C. I'm trying. +


  • A. I'm genuinely sorry, I don't know how to redeem myself... +
  • B. It's fine, it could happen to anyone, this type of error. =
  • C. I'm not responsible, you should've put this book under a seal instead of being so easily in reach. -


Hmm, do you want to come with me to find her? It'll be safer with two of us.

  • A. Well, I'm just a foot away from the Crystal Room, I might as well take refuge. -
  • B. You're right. Also, I cold probably talk to Miiko about what I've seen of that thing. +
  • C. If you want, but I don't want to be a burden. =

Don't feel guilty about it, you did nothing but your duty.

  • A. (She seems as kind as anything, this Cameria.) =
  • B. (I don't know why, but I don't trust her.) =
  • C. (I don't know this girl well enough to judge her.) =


Are you alright, at least? Are all your memories intact?

  • A. Yes, why do you ask? =
  • B. Yes, although my parents' aren't. -
  • C. (I-I don't understand what she's trying to tell me...) =


  • A. Must be dust in my eye... =
  • B. (I pulled a sulky face, and seized this chance to tease him.) It's because that was such a mean thing for you to say... +


He's not in the library? With his nose in a book, as usual?

  • A. Well no, not this time... =
  • B. He doesn't do that all the time. =
  • C. Haha, Alajea said exactly the same thing, but no, he isn't. =



  • A. (I'd prefer to lie to him.) -
  • B. (I don't want to lie to him, but I can't tell him the truth.) +


My mom. She wants me to eat's yucky poop!!!

  • A. Nooo, it's delicious! And it'll make you really strong! =
  • B. (Well, I can't tell him she's wrong, but I can't back her up either. That would be such an adult thing to do. =
  • C. I know how you feel, it's really disgusting to eat. =



  • A. Likewise. =
  • B. The pleasure is mine. =
  • C. Not in my case. =