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Episode N°2First Steps

Episode2 Banner
After a few misadventures, you can finally discover a bit more about this world.
What is Eldarya? What does the Guard of El do?
Will you find your place?

Summary Edit

Guardian, having been stuck in the cage for what must of been hours, had become completely hopeless. As the worst-case scenario seemed to become more and more likely, someone unlocked the door to her cell. Just by their looks she could only guess they were a man. Feeling strangely reassured, she gratefully left the cage as he backed up. After being motioned to stay silent, she could only assume this was not under Miiko's orders.

She hardly looked around the room for a moment when he was gone. Alone and free to leave, it didn't take very long to know the only way she'd be able to get out of there alive would be to climb the never ending staircase. When she finally reached the end, she was exhausted, but pulled herself to explore just one more room. After discovering dead ends, she returned to the last room only to see two people there. Narrowly escaping, she wandered until stumbling upon a pantry. Once in there, she turned to be face to face with someone else, someone else who looked strangely pleased to have caught someone who wasn't supposed to be there... He was in front of the door, so with her only exit blocked she had no choice but to stay put. Trying to explain why she was there, she was cut off by Miiko. The fox-girl was surprised, and not in a good way, with her being out of the cage. She, along with several other people had just entered the room, among them were to the guys who had gotten close to catching Guardian just a few minutes before. Without time to breathe, accusations got thrown at her about being a thief, she tried to defend herself about not stealing rations, but only managed to convince Miiko when others gave an explanation on what happened, that of course still left the dragon tear. When finally got the chance to explain herself thanks to a unicorn-guy, she told them what happened.

Little was cleared up; Guardian was brought there by a witches circle with no way to get back, and she appeared in the crystal room which should have been impossible. As Miiko ordered her be put back into the cell, a question arose: How did she get out in the first place?  Shock arose from them all when she told them she had simply been freed from it by a man wearing a mask. Jamon and Miiko immediately left to search the grounds, but not before Miiko could order her to be put back into her cell. Once they left, the guy with dark hair spoke to Kero, telling him he knew the rations had been hidden somewhere so Kero should go find them. Irritated, he goes along with it, but first he must bring her back to her cell. After a short amount of pleading, he calms her down by suggesting that she help him find the missing rations which might help convince Miiko to not have her put back into the cage. As they walked around the building, Kero explained to Guardian the basics about Eldarya, such as they were in the world of faeries, for example!

Once they made their way to the village and refuge, Keroshane tells her to stay close to him in order to not get lost. After searching, they found the missing rations, but he decides to leave a little for the boy when he comes back, making sure to get her to promise not to say a word to Miiko. As they make their way back, she asks why they have a village for refuges and after hearing the answer, comments on how it's almost like they were in a war. When they put the rations back, Guardian couldn't help but ask if there was a way to get her home, Kero's response was a much more gentle way of what had been said earlier: Witches circles only work one way, though it may be possible to leave it would be very difficult.

Ezarel entered to see her there and a grin spread across his face, clearly amused with Kero disobeying Miiko and the prospect of him getting into trouble. Nervous, he informed Ezarel of her help in finding the rations and asked for his help in asking Miiko to let her stay in the village or with the rest of the guard. After the promise of double rations of honey and cookies, the elf agreed. When they entered the Crystal Room, she noticed that Miiko, Nevra, and Valkyon were there plus someone else she hadn't seen before, they appeared to be talking about something serious and she figured that it may not be the best time to ask. Before she could voice this, she was noticed by no one other than Miiko, who, in short, was not pleased. Kero shakely explained his reasons for not bringing Guardian back to the cell, but it didn't work that well, in fact she got angrier with each word he said. Anxiously glancing to Ezarel for the promised help, Kero was trying and failing to speak. Then, an unlikely person spoke up, it was the guy she hadn't seen before but listening to their conversation had identified as Leiftan. As he calmly reasoned with Miiko, Nevra added in followed by Valkyon and finally Ezarel, of course, each reasoned her stay in their different way. Exasperated, she finally agreed, but with warning that she would have nothing to do with Guardian; she was their responsibilty.

A short discussion took place after Miiko left, what was going to happen with her now? The only option was pretty clear; She would have to join one of the guards.

Quest Items Edit

Name Purpose Where to find
Rations Find the stolen rations. Automatically shown during the tutorial.

Illustrations Edit

Official Episode Guide Edit

Episode Decoration 1
Episode Guide
Episode Decoration 2

C H A P T E R I - Survival
C H A P T E R II - Goodwill
C H A P T E R III - A new future


During this episode, you are able to unlock 3 different memory illustrations, with two per game!
Which depended on your answer choices, as well as with certain other criteria we will keep a secret...
After all the future of the world depends on the preservation of a good secret.
The memory illustrations in this episode are not mandatory.

Resume of the previous journal entry:
Your only mistake up until now? Having set foot in a circle of mushrooms... And since then, everything is going terribly wrong.
You were transported into another world and thrown in a cell by a fox girl.

Episode Decoration 1
Episode Decoration 2

After being locked into a cell by Jamon, you find yourself all alone in the world of Eldarya.
That is, until someone comes to set you free... It’s a man wearing a mask, but he has a reassuring aura to him.
Unfortunately, he vanishes before you have the time to tell him thank you.

Find an exit and escape.

You have gone up some long stairs and you have your first “dialogue choice” in your Eldarya story.
Indeed, the « dialogue choices » are opportunities to discover all the facets of the story.
They will allow you to: win or lose L’oM with the characters of the game, receive or miss a story illustration and many other things.
Your choices are then very important!
Depending on your choices, you will meet one or two characters.

/!\ Attention /!\
In this part of the story, you can only unlock one memory illustration. You will need to do a replay to receive the second.

You end up in the Pantry where you will meet a new character.
(The second illustration can be unlocked here and missed if you choose the wrong dialogue choice.)

This rude elf accompanied by the fox girl is your greatest misfortune.
She immediately wishes to send you back to your cell for the "theft of rations".
You end up being able to explain your situation and disclose that it was a masked man who freed you.
Everyone is in shock!

Ultimately, everyone is too concentrated on the masked man that Miiko forgets to mention the pris...

Image1 Episode2

Luckily, Keroshane is there to help you and proposes an alternative solution that’s more "gentle".

Episode Decoration 1
Episode Decoration 2

Find the hidden rations in the village with Kero.

You will have to accompany Keroshane to HQ to help him find the missing rations that you are being accused of stealing.
During your walk in direction of the Refuge of El, Keroshane talks to you about the Guard itself and all the parts that are incorporated.

Episode2 Guards
Miiko is the leader of the Light Guard, her members are responsible for the Guard of El.
Ezarel is the leader of the Absynthe Guard, he specializes in Alchemy and potion preparation.
Nevra is the leader of the Shadow Guard, he specializes in "Information"...
Valkyon is the leader of the Obsidian Guard, he specializes in combat and is a symbol of strength.

Now that you know more about Eldarya and the Guard of El, Kero will accompany you in the HQ gardens.
You have a short walk before you arrive in the Refuge of El.

Episode2 Bread

Once you have the missing bread, you must return inside the HQ.

Episode Decoration 1
A new future
Episode Decoration 2

Return to the Pantry to drop off the rations.

You will drop off the rations with Keroshane and find yourself meeting this elf again, obviously very eager to catch you red-handed.
After talking with him, he accepts to plead your case; you will need to go see Miiko.

Go to the Crystal Room to find Miiko

Here you are!
You’re now in front of Miiko, who is very angry... Even though everyone is taking your defense, she doesn’t budge:
You’ll be going to the prison cells!
Eventually, you manage to make her see reason.

Episode2 End

From now on, you will be a member of Headquarters and work for the Guard.

That’s all for this journal entry!
See you for episode 3!

Love'o'Meter Guide Edit


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.

Guardian Edit

  • A. (The exit is surely to the left.) (Nevra's Illustration) =
  • B. (I should find something if I go up those stairs.) (Valkyon's Illustration) =
  • C. (I should try the door to the right...) =

  • A. (Take some food.) (Ezarel's Illustration) =
  • B. (Don't touch anything.) =

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