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Episode N°3Join the Guard of El

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You can finally join one of the guards of El. Which guard will you join?

Summary Edit

After somehow convincing Miiko to let her stay out of the cell, Guardian is told she much join a guard, Kero assures her that there is a test to make sure she gets into one that suits her. First though, she asks him to explain about that guards a bit more. Maana, as she learned, was essential for life there, it was just as important as having air to breathe. The giant crystal produced the Maana, though it used to be far larger, pieces of the crystal got stolen. The job of the guards were now to find all the crystal pieces scattered throughout the world as well as keep the inhabitants of Eldarya safe and managed. The loss of much of the crystal made many of them weakened, mad, or aggressive. All the guard could really do is search for the crystal shards and making sure everything doesn't fall apart.

After she has taken the test and learns of her new guard, Kero informs her she must have a companion. Curious, Guardian questions on what that is and learns that they are creatures that live in Eldarya that can be tamed and be companions, hence the name. He remembers that the companion test was left in his room, so the two heard to the Hall of Guards where he leaves her alone for a moment to go get it where she runs into one of the boys. Once the test is over, Kero hands her the egg of her first companion along with an incubator to hatch it. After she hatches the egg, he explains how to feed it and send it to explore. Excited about her new guard and companion, she eagerly goes to tell the three guard leaders which one she got into. Hardly any time later, she runs into Kero talking to a little boy who is crying about losing his companion. Sympathetic, she offers to help find it. Once she and the boy she ran into earlier make their way outside of the gates, they find the place Kero told her to look. Finding nothing there, she goes back to the village refuge and meets with him once again. Neither had any luck, Mery heard their conversion and burst into tears with the thought that he had permanently lost his friend. In an attempt to sooth him, Kero suggested they get him a new friend that would be almost exactly like his old one. Once this proposal is accepted, he asks Guardian to go out to find Mery a new Crylasm. After she catches one, she gives to to Mery and tells him what it's supposed to eat--Eskimo Pies, not bread.

Overjoyed, Mery offers a blue crystal shard to Guardian as a thank you, saying he found it while searching for his friend and she should give it to the other members of the guard since he thought they were looking for something like that. Returning to the building, she runs into the boy from earlier again and must decided whether to show him the crystal shard or not.

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Official Episode Guide Edit

Episode Decoration 1
Episode Guide
Episode Decoration 2

C H A P T E R I - Evaluations
C H A P T E R II - First Responsibilities
C H A P T E R III - A Friend . . .


During this episode, you are able to unlock one memory illustration.
This one is mandatory and cannot be missed.
Resume of the previous journal entry:
After learning more about the Guard of El and having found the missing rations, you manage to be in good graces with Miiko. You even got... A job!

Episode Decoration 1
Episode Decoration 2

After succeeding, with Keroshane’s help, to convince Miiko to leave you be and even to give you a job,
you will have to take a test that will determine which guard you will be a part of.

Find the guys to get to know them before starting Kero’s test. Warning, don’t let yourself get influenced!

You will need to meet Valkyon, Nevra and Ezarel to move forward in the story.
Once you have done this, go to the library to take your test.

Once you know which guard you’re a part of, you will learn all about the companions.
They are beings that look like animals and that are your companions for this journey... As a bonus, when they want to, they will bring back objects!

Seryphon Adult

It’s now time to take your test that will give you your first companion.

Go to Keroshane’s room to take the companions test.

Once the test is taken, you will receive one of the following companions: a Sabali, a Corko or a Becola.

Now that you have your companion and your guard, you are free to start your first mission... But you must still go and seek one!

Episode Decoration 1
First responsibilities
Episode Decoration 2

Go talk to the guys!

As before, you must talk to Valkyon, Nevra or Ezarel to move forward in the story. Although you have asked them for a mission all three have no mission to assign you so, you must continue to wander.
Luckily, you find Keroshane who is with a very young boy. You find out that he has lost his companion. Your mission is to find this famous Crylasm. But wait... What is a Crylasm?!

Catch up to Keroshane to get more information about companions

You quickly catch up to Keroshane and he explains to you what a Crylasm is and how to attract it towards you. It’s now time to go outside, but not alone of course!


Find out how to go to the exterior plains to find the companion.

Once one of the guys is willing to help you, go to the Grand Gate to go outside HQ.

At the burrow, you search and realize that unfortunately Mery’s Crylasm isn’t there.
You will have to let him know.

Find Keroshane to tell him the « bad news ».

Once the bad news has been announced to Kero and Mery, your new mission is now to capture a new Crylasm for the young boy.

Warning: If you’re doing a replay and you already have a Crylasm egg, you will still have to go to the burrows to capture it.

Episode Decoration 1
A friend...
Episode Decoration 2

Catch a Crylasm and bring it back to Mery.

Since Mery’s companion is impossible to find, you will have to go to the exploration map of El and explore the burrows.
Attention: You will certainly catch a Crylasm.
This is a quest item and can not be sold on the market.

Episode 3 guide Mery

Once you have the egg, find Mery and give him his new friend. There may be a surprise for you.

To unlock the episode illustration.

Mery gone, you realize you can’t keep this "great gift". You will have to give it to someone, but who?

Find someone in the Guard of El and give them the piece of Crystal.

Walk around HQ until you cross paths with one of the guys who you can show the piece of crystal to.
Right after that, you will meet the other two leaders of the Guards.
All four of you head towards the Crystal Room and Miiko is visibly not happy to see you... Again.

It’s on that note that this journal entry ends.
See you next time in Episode 4!

Love'o'Meter Guide Edit


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.

Guardian Edit

  • A. (Escape as quickly as possible.) (Valkyon intercepts) =
  • B. (Wait for Kero to come back.) (Ezarel intercepts) =
  • C. (Pace around.) (Nevra intercepts) =

  • A. (Show him the crystal piece.) (better choice) =
  • B. (Hide the piece of crystal.) =

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