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Episode N°7The Other Side

Episode7 Banner
A journey, two countries, a missing ship and all hope that has disappeared.
Will you know how to return to the Land of El?
Or will you remain stuck in this unknown land?

Summary Edit

((Coming soon))

Outfit Edit

Image Cost
Guardian Sprite 3 Free

Quest Items Edit

Purpose Where to find
(Purpose) (Where)

Illustrations Edit

Official Episode Guide Edit

Episode Decoration
Episode Guide
Episode Decoration

The official guide hasn't been posted to the forums yet.

We apologize for any inconveniences.

End of Guide

Unofficial Guide Edit

Leiftan's Illustration Edit

In addition to choosing the correct dialogue, Leiftan's illustration is dependent on two extra steps.

  1. Before starting the episode, set your crush to "Someone".
  2. During the objective "Finds hints on the ships disappearance", you will have to find a hidden rabbit. Go to the location "Rooted Tree" (the place to the left of the Forest Path). With the tree will be the rabbit.
Episode7 LeiftanIllustration 1

Love'o'Meter Guide Edit


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.

  • A. (Nevra is probably chasing skirts) (Towards Nevra’s Illustration) =
  • B. (I kind of miss Ezarel's humor...) (Towards Ezarel’s/Leiftan's Illustration) =
  • C. (With Valkyon's calm attitude, I bet he would have handled the situation so well.) (Towards Valkyon’s Illustration) =

  • A. (Compare the footprint with your foot) (Towards Leiftan’s Illustration) =
  • B. (Measure the footprint) =

  • A. (Ask if someone is there like last time) (Towards Leiftan’s Illustration) =
  • B. (Check what’s inside the bush) =



  • A. And well, I'm looking for information on behalf of Miiko. (Towards Nevra's Illustration)
  • B. Nothing special and you?


  • A. I know not...after all the horrors she has said about you. (Towards Nevra's Illustration) +
  • B. You never worry so much for others.



  • A. No, for once Miiko entrusted me with an outside mission! (Towards Ezarel's Illustration)
  • B. You are exaggerating, I do not do that! (Towards Leiftan's Illustration)


  • A. Oooooooooooh Ezarel cares for her! (Towards Leiftan's/Ezarel's Illustration) +
  • B. Chrome is not a moron.



  • A. Do you want us to go check it out?
  • B. Good luck. For my part, I'm looking for Schwarz, Miiko would have seen it in the corner... (Towards Valkyon's Illustration)


  • A. Ah good? I did not know you and her were so close. (Towards Valkyon's Illustration) +
  • B. Who would not be?



  • A. (I'd better ask him what's wrong.) (Towards Nevra's Illustration)
  • B. (I did not really want to take my head off his problems)


  • A. Kero, what's the matter with you? (Towards Leiftan's/Ezarel's Illustration)
  • B. (I have no time to talk to him!)


  • A. (Just getting up) (Towards Valkyon's Illustration)
  • B. (Stay a bit on the floor)



  • A. (It's no use losing more time here... I should go back to H.Q.) (Towards Nevra's Illustration)
  • B. (I should still look more in the neighborhood...)



  • A. (I should look around the area, you never know?!) (Towards Leiftan's/Ezarel's Illustration)
  • B. (I think it's useless to search here... I should go back to H.Q.)



  • A. (I will waste time if I stay here, I better go back to H.Q.) (Towards Valkyon's Iluustration)
  • B. (Maybe I should dig the burrow?)



  • A. Futile? +
  • B. Useless? -
  • C. Insignificant? =

It never happened to me.

  • A. Yet you are the king of the missions to extend, right? =
  • B. At least, it will allow you to know a little better the places. +
  • C. I suspect that you do not lose boats every day... -


  • A. Because of me or your insolence? (more dialogue) =
  • B. I do not think he would have told you much more... -
  • C. What did he tell you? =


  • A. (I could not help but laugh.) +
  • B. It's not funny... -


  • A. Ah good why that? =
  • B. Oh, you can! I'm sure {$companion} would do just fine. -
  • C. I do not prefer no, he's still too young, I'm afraid he'll get lost... +

You remember that the good food here was rationed.

  • A. Yes. =
  • B. No. =

Why should not we eat fruits and vegetables from here?

  • A. Because you can not grow it here. =
  • B. Because they are not good. =
  • C. Because they are not nutritious. (correct answer) =


  • A. It is completely illogical. -
  • B. Yet Alajéa is still eating! =
  • C. What are their other powers? +

Master KappaEdit


  • A. I do not know at all what happened, but I'm sorry. +
  • B. It's not fair that I pay because of people I've never known! -


  • A. You realized that if he liked me, I should not be such a bad person? =
  • B. I missed him and he absolutely wanted to see me again? =
  • C. He told you something about me? =


  • A. Then like're a kappa? =
  • B. I wonder...are you the leader of the kappa tribe? (more dialogue) =
  • C. Excuse me, but I wanted to know, Elliot is particular to you?


  • A. (It's too cute, I wonder if one day I will meet someone for whom I would say that.) =
  • B. (It's disgusting...I can not really stand emotional demonstrations.) -
  • C. (It's touching to see so much confidence between them.) +


  • A. (Bow slightly) -
  • B. (Bow moderately) +
  • C. (Bow strongly) =

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