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Episode N°8A Sour Secret

Episode8 Banner
Finally back from your journey, you can now show the guard one of your hidden talents: Cooking.
Actually... What secret are they hiding about food?

Summary Edit

((Coming soon))

Quest Items Edit

Image Objective Where to find
Item Message for the Kappas Ask Miiko's permission to go on the mission. Automatically given to the player's by Miiko
Item Ground Raw Meat Find some mince. In the Pantry sitting in one of the hexagonal compartments.
Item Potatoes Find some potatoes. In the Pantry on the bag to the left.
Item Kitchen Utensils Find all of the ingredients in the Pantry, then go to the kitchen to make something to eat. In the Dining Hall, resting over the distant counters.
Item Condiments Find all of the ingredients in the Pantry, then go to the kitchen to make something to eat.
Prepare the seasoning, then make the pop-corn.
In the Dining Hall on the table nearest to the player.
(both times)
Item Stuffed Oven Baked Potatoes Bring a piece of the dish to Karuto and the others... Automatically placed in the player's inventory.
Item Corn Find yellow grains. In the Pantry resting in the nearest shelf.
Item Salted Popcorn Bring the pop-corn to Miiko and... Fingers crossed! Choose to make salted popcorn
Automatically placed in the player's inventory.
(See Love'o'Meter guide)

Illustrations Edit

Official Episode Guide Edit

Episode Decoration 1

Episode Guide

Episode Decoration 2

The official guide for this episode hasn't been posted to the forums yet.

We apologize for any inconveniences.----

It’s on that note that this journal entry ends.
See you next time in Episode 9!

Unofficial Guide Edit

When you give your mission report to Kero and Ykhar, you have the ability to make Chrome's L'o'M go up depending on the answers you choose and your current L'o'M with him.


  • If L'o'M is 15 or more:
  • If L'o'M is 5 or more:
  • If L'o'M is 0:
  • If L'o'M is -5 or less:

Mission Report Edit

Question 1

  • A. We just followed the direction of the compass. (, )
  • B. I followed Chrome’s hunches during the journey... ()
  • C. I think I slowed us down when I took over steering during the journey... ()

Question 2

  • A. We attached the boat quite securely, Chrome was the one that took care of it! ()
  • B. I... I don’t remember. I’m not sure if we attached it to something. (, )
  • C. No... Chrome didn’t want to! ()

Question 3

  • A. I remember that Chrome did anchor the ship… (, )
  • B. Yes, I was the one to anchor it.
  • C. I don’t really remember... (, )

Question 4

  • A. ...Not really, I was pretty much all alone, taking care of everything. (, )
  • B. No. Without Chrome’s potion knowledge, I wouldn’t have got anywhere! ()
  • C. (I’ve got to cover for him...) We concocted the potion together, Chrome was of great help to me. ()

Question 5

  • A. Lazy. ()
  • B. Supportive. (, )
  • C. Cool. ()

Question 6

  • A. ...I think he’d feel better with missions “exploring” places, if you do those. (, )
  • B. ...Chrome is still young. At the end of the day he’s a good guy, despite everything. ()
  • C. ...before the mission, he was way out of line towards Master Kappa. ()

Love'o'Meter Guide Edit


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.

NOTE: The guy in your bedroom at the very beginning determines who you have the episode with. If you want a particular one, make sure to set your crush on him before starting the episode. If your crush is set to "somebody" or "nobody" the choice will be random. Setting your crush to the guy you want after starting the episode won't switch the guy you get.


  • A. (Perhaps the papers I'm looking for are in among the parchment scrolls on this shelf.) =
  • B. (I think I'll look in this quiver thing with the parchment scrolls in it...) (correct) =
  • C. (I'm going to search in amongst the books in this bookcase on the left.) =

  • A. (Talk about the fear I felt of the water) =
  • B. (Do not talk about the fear I felt of the water) =

  • A. (Make salted popcorn) = (+ with Miiko)
  • B. (Make sugary popcorn) =
  • C. (Make caramel popcorn) =

  • A. (Leave without delay) =
  • B. (Prepare to leave) (Towards ???'s Illustration) =


My reputation took a hit because of you.

  • A. Oh poor thing... (more dialogue) =
  • B. I... I’m sorry... =
  • C. Karma! -

It’s true, they are all mean...

  • A. Do you want a hug? +
  • B. Come off it! -
  • C. I feel sorry for you... =

You should have come to mine, we’d have found ways to keep busy...

  • A. Nevra... You promised me you’d quit it with that kind of comment. =
  • B. And we’d have done what? Play cards, perhaps? =
  • C. How many girls have there been before me? +

There’s a possibility that might be it...

  • A. Awesome, now you’ll finally leave me alone! -
  • B. Wh... What? Really? (more dialogue if he wasn't the guy in your bedroom) +
  • C. What’s her name? =

Come on, admit that you like me.

  • A. You’re not bad. =
  • B. Maybe, who knows! +

Judging by the weather, I don’t understand why you wore that.

  • A. Oh, out of habit I guess! =
  • B. It went with the rest of my outfit... +
  • C. Why did you wear that scarf? =

I think I’d go for "uptight".

  • A. Yeah, well you guys are gonna have to learn to let go a little. +
  • B. Yeah, well it’s starting to bug me! -
  • C. Yeah, well I’ll admit I’m uptight too. =


  • A. Rare? -
  • B. Well done? =
  • C. Blue? +


I’m sure of it!

  • A. You really are just a big kid. =
  • B. I mean, who knows? Maybe I would have believed you. =
  • C. You must be so frustrated right now. =


  • A. Yes, I think you could trust me more. -
  • B. No of course not... =
  • C. Why not after all? +


  • A. We will remain in the most complete silence until our destination. =
  • B. I was hoping you would entertain me... -
  • C. You really don't make any effort! =


  • A. Yes, that's what I meant to do. -
  • B. I prefer to keep it, I do not want to catch a cold snap. +
  • C. I hesitate... =


  • A. Yeah, well we'll have to think about relaxing a bit. -
  • B. Yeah, well it starts to be heavy! =
  • C. Yeah, well I'll admit that I too "tense". +


  • A. I'll make you a real pasta dish next time. =
  • B. You do not deserve that I cook for you. =
  • C. You despair... =

What’s it like then?

  • A. I think it’s pretty deep. =
  • B. I think it’s pretty high. -
  • C. I think it’s... I take it back. It’s nasal. +


I know.

  • A. ...It’s not easy to talk to you. -
  • B. ...It’s hard for me to talk to you. =
  • C. ...I don’t really know how to express myself. =

I’m not a very interesting person.

  • A. Well, I think you are. +
  • B. That’s for me to judge. =
  • C. That’s true, but I could always be wrong. -


  • A. She told me I wasn't in good enough shape for it. =
  • B. I don't think she trusts me enough to give it to me. -
  • C. She gave me a different mission... +

Not at all. Mine were pretty "insignificant" too.

  • A. That's astounding. +
  • B. That's stupid. -
  • C. That's a shame. =

I like being hot.

  • A. You like the heat? +
  • B. I prefer the cold... =
  • C. Me too, but in moderation! -

Many of our members are on edge because of our situation.

  • A. Yeah, it would be nice to be less nervy. =
  • B. Yeah, and I guess it's gonna start to get on my nerves. +
  • C. Yeah, I'm annoyed too and I don't play the diva every second. -


Are you dreading it?

  • A. A little yes... =
  • B. No, not really... +
  • C. I don’t really know what to think. -


Alright, Ykhar, Guardian, it’s not like anyone died or anything.

  • A. Yes, but I lost so much time because of her. - (- with Ykhar)
  • B. Yes, I lost time, but I’m not going to have a cow. =
  • C. Yes, well now you’ll know for next time. = (+ with Ykhar)


That’s all you do!

  • A. Hey! That’s not true! +
  • B. Whatever! =
  • C. At the same time, when you’re welcomed by a hysterical person who throws you into a prison... =

What did you think?

  • A. Well, I loved it! +
  • B. I’m not really a fan of that kind of novel... (more dialogue) =
  • C. I hated it. -

What other "genres" do you like?

  • A. Historical Fiction. =
  • B. Detective novels. +
  • C. Love stories... =


Emotionally speaking, how are you?

  • A. Well, now that you mention it... I feel very miserable. =
  • B. I’m doing just fine, I promise! -
  • C. ... (I don’t know if I can confide in her.) +

Elliot, the little Kappa you hurt last time?

  • A. Yes, that’s him. Is that important information? =
  • B. He hurt himself falling! -
  • C. I didn’t physically hurt him... =

It’s quite unlikely... Seeing what happened to you. I swear on my life that you do not have any mermaid origins.

  • A. I’m a bit disappointed... Even after all that, I liked being a mermaid. +
  • B. Thank goodness, I really didn’t like being a mermaid. =
  • C. If I’m not a mermaid, maybe I’m an elf like you? -


I don’t have time for this, excuse me.

  • A. (I stamped my foot and raised my voice to make her listen to me.) +
  • B. Miiko, please listen to me! =
  • C. Leiftan... (I hope he can make her listen to reason.) -

He’s already had several.

  • A. Not enough. +
  • B. He’s young... -
  • C. Please. =

I'm listening...

  • A. (Jump straight into it) =
  • B. (Hesitate a little) =

  • A. (I’m about to explode with anger. Seriously, I’ve had enough of this. That’s it, I’m not welcome here, so I’m leaving.) =
  • B. (I’m about to explode with anger...but I should stay calm. Running away would solve nothing.) =


  • A. ... (Towards Illustration) =
  • B. Why bring me here? =

  • A. Don't touch me! =
  • B. I...What are you doing?! (Illustration) =



  • A. That's right, you're a big boy. =
  • B. No, Mery, you're still a child... -
  • C. (, what a wound.) =

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