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Episode N°9Troubled Appearances

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After the revelation about the portals of Eldarya, you will be confronted with a new truth that will turn all your opinions upside down.
Will you be able to handle it?

Summary Edit

((Coming soon))

Equipment Edit

Image How to get
Clothing Reconnaissance Armband
Clothing Novice Sword
Do the best during the sword quick time event
Clothing Novice Hammer
Do the best during the hammer quick time event
Clothing Novice Bow
Do the best during the bow quick time event

Quest Items Edit

Image Purpose Where to find
(Image) (Purpose) (Where)

Hidden Items Edit

Image Objective Where to find
(Image) (Objective) (Where)

Illustrations Edit

Official Episode Guide Edit

Episode Decoration 1

Episode Guide

Episode Decoration 2

There is not yet an official guide for this episode.

We apologize for any inconveniences.

It’s on that note that this journal entry ends.
See you next time in Episode 10!

Love'o'Meter Guide Edit


  • A. Green answers have a positive effect on the character. +
  • B. Red answers have a negative effect on the character. -
  • C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. =
  • D. Black answers have not been discovered on the wiki.


  • A. (Take him to his mother) =
  • B. (Go see Miiko) (Saves you 20 Maana) =

  • A. Hey, let me go! =
  • B. (Lash out) -
  • C. [highest L'o'M], is that you? +

You will have to ask all of the questions, they have no effect on L'o'M.

  • A. Will we be wearing a particular sign, so that the participants can recognize each other? =
  • B. What is the real purpose of this mission? =
  • C. What should we do when we meet this creature? =

  • A. (I should be looking for it's owner...) =
  • B. (I should throw out this horror out.) =

  • A. (Catch it by the tail) =
  • B. (Try to bait it with a piece of string) =

  • A. (I'm sure it's Miiko!) (Uses the least Maana) =
  • B. (I'm sure it's Karuto!) =
  • C. (Maybe it doesn't have a master?) (Uses the most Maana) =

  • A. (Set out on the mission without Nevra) =
  • B. (Wait a little longer) (More dialogue if high L'o'M) +

  • A. (Wait a little longer) =
  • B. (Come back later) =
  • C. (Give up) =

  • A. (Ask Nevra to watch over Guardian) =
  • B. (Ask Ezarel to watch over Guardian) =
  • C. (Ask Valkyon to watch over Guardian) =

  • A. (Get settled next to Nevra) =
  • A. (Get settled next to Ezarel) =
  • C. (Get settled next to Valkyon) =


If you say so... Do you want me to kiss you to show how sorry I am?

  • A. Okay... +
  • B. No way. -
  • C. (Say nothing.) =

You seem annoyed.

  • A. Yeah, a little... I've been exploring this forest in vain for three days. -
  • B. Disappointed, more like... I expected to see more action. =
  • C. Oh, not at all... I'm just sick of finding no viable clues. +

Name one.

  • A. Yhkar, Alajéa... -
  • B. Chrome! +
  • C. ... =

No, I have very good hearing though.

  • A. (I'd always heard that vampires had super senses, I should ask him about that.) So that's true? -
  • B. Yes, I think I remember you saying that. -
  • C. Isn't that annoying? (More dialogue) =

What is?

  • A. Hearing so well... I can't stand hearing the tiniest noise when I sleep, for example... =
  • B. Hearing so well... I don't know if I could stand hearing everything more loudly than usual. =
  • C. Hearing so well... I don't hear very well myself. (Although that might be because I have my head in the clouds.) =


  • A. You had promised to stop these reflections. -
  • B. no, not at all. =
  • C. It's not good to lie, that's all. +


  • A. But I'm sure we could have reasoned with her!!! =
  • B. We killed someone, I have reason to take my head. -
  • C. You're right... +


  • {{|A. Junior?}}
  • {{|B. And that would be?}}
  • C. Oh, I only know about Murphy's law... +


Poor Chrome. Alajéa... They've really got a grudge against him.

  • A. What do you mean? Did you have no part in assigning partners? +
  • B. Me, I like him... I don't understand why you don't appreciate him. -
  • C. I've never managed to do a mission with her. =

I already know she's not the kind of person I get along with.

  • A. You judge her, but you don't actually know anything about her... -
  • B. And what type of person would you get along with? =
  • C. It's a shame, I'm sure she's kind deep down. +

  • A. (Well, I like Alajéa. =
  • B. I'll admit I don't like her that much. (More dialogue) =
  • C. (I don't have much of an opinion on her, so never mind.) =

Oh really? Why?

  • A. I get the feeling she's not very honest. +
  • B. I don't know how to explain. =
  • C. She annoys me. -

  • A. (Talk about this bad feeling with Ezarel) =
  • B. (Say nothing to Ezarel) =

He has an excellent memory.

  • A. An you don't? =
  • B. Unlike me. +
  • C. Do it fast then. -

  • A. Wait Ezarel! (More dialogue) =
  • B. (Continue) =


  • A. No, but I would have liked to spend a little more time with you. =
  • B. No, nothing. =


  • A. Hey! I do not trade anything. =
  • B. But nothing at all, mingle with what concerns you... -
  • C. I secretly seek to leave the H.Q. +

That's what being possessed like you were will do to a person.

  • A. Possessed? Like in the Exorcist? +
  • B. Possessed? Isn't that a little too strong a name? -
  • C. Possessed? I didn't get that impression. =

Why'd'you come settle next to me?

  • A. Because I feel like it. (More dialogue) =
  • B. Because I know you like me to! =
  • C. To annoy you, as always. -

And what if I didn't feel like it?

  • A. Are you ever going to be nice to me when I'm showing you attention? =
  • B. Ezarel, you promised you'd make an effort, remember... -
  • C. You should know by now that I love being out of sync with what you feel like! +

We put an end to series of slaughterings.

  • A. But I'm sure we could have reasoned with her!!! =
  • B. At what cost? -
  • C. That's the main thing. +

Shall we go have a drink to decompress?

  • A. (Decline) =
  • B. (Accept) =


Would you have the physical and mental strength to kill your enemy?

  • A. Well, if it's a really dangerous creature, yes, I think so. -
  • B. I don't know, I've never killed anything before! (More dialogue) =
  • C. I don't think so... =

I hope for your sake that you have to kill as late as possible.

  • A. I just hope I'll never have to kill anything. -
  • B. I guess I'll find out when the time comes... +
  • C. (End the dialogue) =


  • A. (Go see where the noise is coming from) -
  • B. (Insist with Valkyon) +
  • C. (Continue on our way) =

Exactly. I've noticed that you always consider your actions carefully.

  • A. Yes, I try to. =
  • B. Thank you. +
  • C. Why, did you doubt that?! -


  • A. Ah good? what is happening to you? +
  • B. You should go and rest. =
  • C. Sorry, I'm in a hurry! -

Well, it sounds like you were manipulated very easily.

  • A. Uh thank you, that sure is nice. -
  • B. Maybe that's because I'm almost human. =
  • C. I'm sorry... +

  • A. What's wrong? -
  • B. Am I bothering you? =
  • C. (Say nothing) +

We followed orders.

  • A. But I'm sure I could have reasoned with her!!! -
  • B. Following orders... was that the right choice? +
  • C. That's for sure. =



  • A. It is there is nothing, and it is just lost in the forest. -
  • B. I am of the same opinion... +
  • C. I do not know what to say. =


  • A. So cute. +
  • B. ... =
  • C. To each their own. -

Yes. I hope she hasn't caused you any problems.

  • A. She's not that easy to handle. -
  • B. She didn't have that much time for ravaging. +
  • C. She destroyed my sheets. =

The surveillance mission, what were you thinking?

  • A. Nothing special, haha. =
  • B. Not much to be honest. -
  • C. I wasn't sure I heard you right. +


I... He was not taken. He is fine. No injury...and...

  • A. (Come to Kero's defense) + (+ the guy with highest L'o'M)
  • B. (Do nothing) =
  • C. (Make a supportive gesture towards Kero) +


  • A. Don't make fun of me... I was so happy to be involved, I forgot to ask for details. +
  • B. It's not funny. This mission is really stressing me out. -
  • C. One day, I promise, I'll have learned how not to be such a bird-brain. =


I think so, too. But because of her stubbornness her son is lost in the forest.

  • A. We're going to find him, don't worry. =
  • B. You seem quite rigid all of a sudden. -
  • C. I hope he's okay... =

I've been in the guard longer than you have and... In that time we've lost several members. Each time we say "they're going to come back. They're going to come home" and they never did...

  • A. Come on Ykhar, don't lost hope...we're going to find him. =
  • B. (That's true, I haven't been here for long... Maybe she's right. =
  • C. (Hmm...I'm not too sure what to think.) =

Why did you stray away from your mother!?

  • A. Hey! Leave him alone, he's just a kid! -
  • B. You could be a little less harsh... +
  • C. (I'd better not interfere here.) =


  • A. Don't you have a father? +
  • B. Don't you have any brothers or sisters? -
  • C. You don't have any family at all? =

You should relax.

  • A. I can't... =
  • B. This, coming from you? =
  • C. I'm trying, I'm trying... +


  • A. Oh Ykhar, let me guess: you were looking for me? +
  • B. Oh Ykhar, what are you doing there? =
  • C. Oh Ykhar, it's just you. -


I trusted you with a important one. Don't you remember?

  • A. =
  • B. Uh...yes. =

Drink this, you will understand soon.

  • A. (Trust Eweleïn and drink it) +
  • B. (Refuse to drink it)) -
  • C. (Ask for explanations) =


  • A. I know Mery. +
  • B. I feel so useless. -
  • C. You are the Leader of this guard, you have other responsibilities. =


  • A. You seem exhausted. +
  • B. Are you going to be okay? =
  • C. (Say nothing) -

Guardian, where are you wandering to?

  • A. (Stay sure of myself) =
  • B. (Repress my stress) -
  • C. (Admit everything) +

I'm still wondering how someone could be crazy enough to voluntarily consume a piece of crystal... However, I should be used to this by now.

  • A. Has that happened often? =
  • B. I'm drawn to the crystal, maybe a little too much? =
  • C. Was she maybe already crazy? +


  • A. Why don’t you keep the halberd? +
  • B. Why don’t you keep the lance? =
  • C. Why don’t you keep your axe? -

Jamon strong. You hit me.

  • A. Alright... (Well, I mean, if he's asking...) -
  • B. Are you sure? =
  • C. I refuse to. I don't want to hurt you. +


  • A. I'm okay, I'm okay... +
  • B. Couldn't you have hit a little less hard? -
  • C. That really hurt, Jamon. =

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