This is a list of episodes that have been released on Eldarya.

Warning: Episode pages contain spoilers such as a summary of the episode, illustrations, and a Love'o'Meter guide. Only view these pages if you are willing to see spoilers.

# Name Release Date # of Illustrations Thread
1 Welcome to Eldarya September 12th, 2016 1 Link
A walk in the forest, a circle of mushrooms... And a blinding light. Your entrance into a new world may reveal some surprises... Good and bad.
2 First Steps September 12th, 2016 3 Link
After a few misadventures, you can finally discover a bit more about this world. What is Eldarya? What does the Guard of El do? Will you find your place?
3 Join the Guard of El September 12th, 2016 1 Link
You can finally join one of the guards of El. Which guard will you join?
4 The Test September 28th, 2016 2 Link
Specific events will push Miiko and the other members of the guard to question your human nature. Help the Guard of El to prove that you are indeed a human so you can finally return home!
5 First Mission November 16th, 2016 3 Link
The Guard of El has given you your first mission. They are counting on you to succeed... To the end!
6 Preparations for the Journey January 17th, 2017 2 Link
Now that you have taken Kappa to HQ, prepare yourself for a journey to the Jade Region!
7 The Other Side March 21st, 2017 4 Link
A journey, two countries, a missing ship and all hope that has disappeared. Will you know how to return to the Land of El? Or will you remain stuck in this unknown land?
8 A Sour Secret April 28th, 2017 4 Link
Finally back from your journey, you can now show the guard one of your hidden talents: Cooking. Actually... What secret are they hiding about food?
9 Troubled Appearances May 18th, 2017 1 Link
After the revelation about the portals of Eldarya, you will be confronted with a new truth that will turn all your opinions upside down. Will you be able to handle it?
10 The Blues June 6th, 2017 3 Link
After the latest events, you realize that not everything is rosy in this world, but the calm seems to gradually be returning to H.Q. It's time to learn more about certain members or even to meet new people.
11 A Legendary Visitor June 27th, 2017 2 Link
After your reunion, you don't know how to react... In any case, the arrival of a foreign emissary will take up all your time. Who is she? Why is everyone so thrilled by her presence? Discover her story!
12 Toxic Mission July 31st, 2017 3 Link
In a new region, you must investigate on some mysterious poisonings. What could possibly be lying in that obscure cave in which you will be leading your investigation?

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