The Guard Ranking is a monthly event where players compete for a prize. The guard with the highest average of experience points at the end of the month wins that months prize. The prize is usually an animated piece of clothing.

List Edit

Month Prize Name Classification Winner
September 2016 Clothing Butterfly Aviary Butterfly Aviary Hand Accessories Shadow Guard
October 2016 Clothing Nightly swarm Nightly Swarm Atmospheres Absynthe Guard
November 2016 Clothing Ice Gauntlet Ice Gauntlet Gloves Absynthe Guard
December 2016 Clothing Christmas Branch Christmas Branch Hand Accessories Absynthe Guard
January 2017 Clothing Snowy Ballet Snowy Ballet Atmospheres Absynthe Guard
February 2017 Clothing Fragrances of Venus Fragrances of Venus Atmospheres Absynthe Guard
March 2017 Clothing Fish Spirit Pisces Spirit Hand Accessories Absynthe Guard
April 2017 Clothing Aries Spirit Aries Spirit Coats Shadow Guard
May 2017 Clothing Taurus Spirit Taurus Spirit Coats Absynthe Guard
June 2017 Clothing Gemini Spirit Gemini Spirit Hats Absynthe Guard
July 2017 Clothing Cancer Spirit Cancer Spirit Hand Accessories Absynthe Guard
August 2017 Clothing Leo Spirit Leo Spirit Hand Accessories Absynthe Guard
September 2017 Clothing Virgo Spirit Virgo Spirit Hand Accessories Absynthe Guard
October 2017 Clothing Libra Spirit Libra Spirit Hand Accessories Absynthe Guard

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