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Guardian Sprite 1
Race Hybrid
Gender Female Female
Guard Obsidienne gem Obsidian Guard
Absynthe gem Absynthe Guard
Ombre gem Shadow Guard
Hair Color Ash-Brown (default)
Eye Color Lavender (default)
First Appearance Episode 1

Guardian is the protagonist of the game. She was sent to the City of El through a fairy circle that she accidentally stumbled upon in the human world. Upon arrival, she was imprisoned by Miiko but was freed by a mysterious man wearing a mask. With seemingly no way to return home, she finds herself trapped in Eldarya.

Name Edit

In-game Edit

Guardian's name is whatever the player's username is when they first registered. If the player wishes to change their name, they have to pay five hundred (500) gold coins.

Out of game Edit

The player character is often called "Erika" with the name "Guardian" referring to the players forum avatar. This avatar can be a completely different character from Erika or very similar with only a few different characteristics.

Appearance Edit

In-game Edit

Guardian is a white young adult with lavender eyes and long ash-brown hair. She's of average height and has a slim build. She enters Eldarya wearing a cerise, criss-cross dress with a white hem, a white jacket with gold trimming on the sleeves, black knee-high socks, and light brown boots.

After awhile, Miiko gives her a set of standard Eldarya type clothes. The outfit includes black, lace-up boots with light blue laces, sky blue leg warmers with white lace trimming, white shorts with a black belt, a light blue tank top with a black, lace-up corset, black and light blue arm warmers, and a black jacket with blue accents and white fur along the collar.

As a mermaid, Guardian has a coral blue tail with pinkish-yellow fins. Two coral blue pasties cover her breasts and her shoulders and sides are covered in scales. Her ears turn into pinkish-yellow fins with scales that go from the side of her head to her cheekbones.

Out of game Edit

Guardian's appearance can be whatever the player wishes it to be. Skin color/tone, eye color, hairstyle, outfit, and much more can be bought at the Clothes Shop or found via exploration. Events give players another opportunity to buy or find equipment for a limited period of time.

Personality Edit

((Coming Soon))

Relationships Edit

Nevra Edit

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Valkyon Edit

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Ezarel Edit

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Leiftan Edit

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 ??? Edit

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Alajéa Edit

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Keroshane Edit

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Miiko Edit

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Ykhar Edit

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Jamon Edit

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Gallery Edit

Sprites Edit

  • Default
  • Miiko's gift
  • Guardian as a mermaid
  • Player Deleted

Illustrations Edit

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 7

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