Halloween 2016 Announcement

Summary Edit

On October 17th, the main administrator on Eldarya opened a thread announcing the start of the Halloween event. From October 19th to November 2nd, players had access to a new exploration map. The map had seventeen different locations for companions to explore.

Companions could find either food, bait, an egg, or a piece of equipment/illustration. If a companion came back without any clothing items, a bar underneath the map (referred to as the "second chance bar") would progress one step. If a companion found a clothing piece in the meantime, the bar would empty. Once the bar reached fifteen, the player would receive a random equipment item, after which the gauge would revert back to zero. All players automatically got an equipment item after their first exploration.

Players could buy event items from the Clothes shop. Some outfits could be bought with both Maana and Gold Coins, while some could only be bought with coins. There was one outfit that could only be found via exploration and one outfit that could only be obtained through the Clothes shop. All outfits had varying amounts of color variants.

Exclusive companions and their baits could be bought from the Companion shop. The eggs could only be purchased with gold coins while the baits could be bought with both Maana and coins.

Anything bought from the store could not be sold on the market while items found via exploration could be, excluding the first equipment piece and any illustration pieces.

On the event page, players could see a blurred image of the event illustration and any pieces of it that they had found. When the illustration was complete, it was added to that player's illustration collection. Pieces could be bought for twenty gold coins. There were eight pieces that needed to be collected in total.

Halloween Map Edit

T== Locations ==

For a list of items found at these locations, see Halloween 2016 Event/Exploration Items.
Location Energy Time
Items Description
Abandoned Cemetery 10 10 136 Here, you can cross cannibals, ghouls, and other creatures eager for flesh.
Demonic Altar 10 15 158 Here stands the altar which allows you to cross into the mouth of Hell or invoke the most ferocious of demons.
Doll Island 10 15 189 An isolated island to the south of the region, it is inhabited by dolls possessed by evil spirits.
Ghost Ship 10 15 136 A Galion pirate who terrorized the seas for many centuries, he inspired many legends such as that of the Flying Dutchman.
Hangman's Tree 10 15 103 Nursery rhymes tell of a man lost the love of his life. Having no more reason to live, he hanged himself to rejoin his beautiful one.
Haunted Forest 15 20 122 A strange forest where the trees have come alive. Not all of them are malicious, but be careful not to fall between their branches.
Laboratory Manner 10 10 125 Here is the immense home of the mad scientist. It is said that primal yells rise out of the basement on nights where there is a full moon.
Lava Cracks 15 20 113 Be careful, it's hot!
Lost Souls Labyrinth 15 20 108 The work of the legendary Daedalus, this labyrinth is connected to the one who once enclosed the Minotaur. He collects the souls of those who have perished there.
Odessa Opera 15 20 152 Once a grandiose establishment, it is now nothing more than ruins as it was destroyed by flames.
Phoenix Castle 15 20 152 Face the Phoenix King at the risk of your life. The weight of your courage will be measured to determine the value of your reward.
Pumpkin Alley 10 15 129 Beware of Jack's children. They will watch your every step, but do not listen to their advice if you want to live.
Pyramid of Doom 10 15 116 The tomb of a long-forgotten pharaoh, it contains treasures immeasurable to the one who emerges from it... alive.
Thorny Forest 10 10 76 Specialty of a great witch, it seems that these brambles only obey her. It has not been seen for centuries.
Village of the Damned 10 15 109 Half-dead, the men and women who inhabit this village are no more than empty shells without a soul.
Well of Souls 10 10 171 Where the souls of the departed come to rest...
Witches Cauldron 10 15 74 Brews of hate, resurrection of the dead, or even transformation potions, this cauldron of a thousand horrors has known many mixtures.

Outfits Edit

Exploration Edit

This outfit could only be obtained by sending a companion out to explore the various regions on the event map.

  • Skeleton Witch

Shop Edit

This outfit could only be obtained through the Clothes Shop.

  • Youth Seeker
  • Youth Seeker

Both Edit

These were outfits that could be found through exploration or bought at the Clothes Shop for Maana and/or Gold Coins.

  • Black Widow
  • Bloody Countess
  • Evil Succubus
  • Fake Blood-Cloaked Soldier
  • Frankenstein
  • Lost Bride
  • Lost Soul
  • Lost Soul
  • Magician
  • Mysterious Enchantress
  • Spirited Away
  • Stealth Crow
  • Stealth Crow
  • Sweet Mourne
  • Sweet Mourne
  • Queen Spider
  • Wolf Druid

Illustration Edit

Gallery Edit

  • Teaser
  • Forum Banner
  • Clothing Teaser (1)
  • Clothing Teaser (2)
  • Clothing Teaser (3)
  • Clothing Teaser (4)
  • Clothing Teaser (5)
  • Spadel
  • Ciralak
  • Chead

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