Haunted Harp
Bait Haunted Harp
Category Icon Bait Baits
Rarity Event/Epic
Companion Chead
Store Price 450 Maana

75 Gold

According to rumors, the sound of this harp could attract some terrifying creatures. Will you dare play it?

Uses Edit

  • It can be used to catch a Chead

Obtaining Edit

NOTE: This item is a Halloween 2016 Event exclusive item and was only available during (19th October - 2nd November 2016). Although it can still be purchased on the market it has no functional use currently.

  • Found via exploration at the Thorny Forest (Halloween Map)
  • Found via exploration at the Lost Souls Labyrinth (Halloween Map)
  • Available in the Halloween Companion Store for 450 Maana/75 Gold.
  • Can be purchased on the market

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