Huang Hua
Huang Hua Icon
Race Fenghuang
Gender Female Female
Guard None
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance Episode 11

Huang Hua Ren-Fenghuang is very respected and admired by the inhabitants of Eldarya thanks to her illustrious ancestry. She is still a simple and curious young woman who takes a full bite out of life, despite her responsibilities. As leader of her tribe, she often has to sacrifice her ambitions for her people.

About Edit

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Appearance Edit

Huang Hua has dark skin and very long brown hair. Her eyes are brown, and she wears red and gold colored clothes. She has a golden necklace and headband, both decorated with green and red jewels. Huang Hua has red and gold eye shadow, and she has green jewels on her lashes.

Personality Edit

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Relationships Edit

Character Edit

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