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Kero icon
Race Unknown
Gender Male Male
Guard Etincelante gem Light Guard
Hair Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Brown
First Appearance Episode 2

Keroshane (often referred to as "Kero") is a member of the Light Guard and takes care of the Library.

Appearance Edit

Keroshane has dark blue hair with brown eyes. He has a horn coming out of his forehead, it is light blue with bright blue lines going around it. His ears are pointed downward and the tips are slightly blue.

Personality Edit

One of the first people you really get to know when you arrive in the El General Headquarters, he will be one of your best supporters. Always ready to help, he sometimes get taken advantage of due to his kindness. He has a lot of trouble keeping up with things on a long term basis, which is why he is often running around to finish things at the last minute.

Gallery Edit

Sprites Edit

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