Light Guard Logo

The Light Guard is composed of the elite, the strongest members or those who have been noted for their exploits.

Description Edit

The Light Guard is reserved for the elite members of H.Q. These are the people that are at the heads of the three other guards.

The three remaining guards are all at the same level, beneath the light guard. They only have different specialties and missions that correspond to the aptitudes of their members.

Known Members Edit

Forums Edit

The Light Guard is limited to administrators and moderators of the game only, and cannot be joined by regular players. The only time regular players can join is when moderator applications are open on the forums. Moderators and administrators have a golden color to their posts. Moderators are responsible for keeping the forums organized, helping players, ending arguments that have gone out of hand, closing threads, and more.

When playing the game, the guard that the player was originally sorted into is the one that their Guardian says she's in. For example, if they were originally sorted into the Obsidian Guard, Guardian and the other characters will act as though she's still in that guard.

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