Minaloo Adult
Rarity Epic
Average Luck 204
Food Minty Steak
Bait N/A
Hatch Time 240min (4hr)
Baby Energy 90
Adult Energy 120
Store Price N/A

Blind from birth, the Minaloo has a highly developed sense of smell that allows it to spot from afar the fresh and invigorating scent of its favorite food. If you have it, it will go crazy until you give it to it.

Obtaining Edit

  • Available in Epic Bindles (5% chance)

Food & Bait Edit

They eat Minty Steaks. They do not have a bait.

Energy & Hatching Edit

Food Minty Steak
The egg hatches in 240 minutes. The energy as a baby is 90 which goes to 120 as an adult.

Evolution Requirements Edit

  • Have reached level 8
  • Have an Affection Level of at least 90%
  • Must be at least 30 days old

Gallery Edit


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