Mini-Games are extra games that can be played in order to earn Maana and Experience Points. In order to have access to these games, players must have at least one Companion.

Gem'Bomb Edit

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Players are given eight lava bombs in order to break through a wall of rocks. Scattered throughout these rocks are ten gems. The objective of the game is to dislodge the gems and make them fall beneath the screen. Each gem gives one Maana and two EXP.

Bubbl'Temple Edit

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Players have to maneuver a trapped Becola through a series of randomly generated obstacles. Pressing the left-side of the computer mouse will move the Becola up while releasing will make the Becola fall. How far into the obstacle course the Becola ends up determines how many Maana and EXP the player will receive.

Egg'Pick Edit

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Players are given 30 seconds to click on as many Companion eggs that match the model one given in the upper left-hand corner. The total amount of eggs is 20 per round. How many eggs they clicked on before the timer runs out determines how many Maana and EXP the player will receive.

Egg'Bomb Edit

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Egg'Bomb was a multi-player game that was available for a short period of time. Players could choose between a training match or bet between 50, 100, or 200 Maana. After confirming their choice, players had to wait until three other players joined their game. The game itself is not dissimilar to the game "Old Maid".

This game was eventually removed.[1]

Purro'Swap Edit

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Purro'Swap is a game where players can exchange exploration items for a bindle. How many items are needed depends on the rarity of the bindle. A new bindle is randomly generated each day.

Trivia Edit

  • Before October 16th, 2017, a companion had to be hatched and not out on exploration in order to play the mini-games. These requirements were eventually removed.[2]
  • Each of the main three guys is associated with one of the Mini-Games:

References Edit

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