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Contest- The Thanksgiving Letter

This contest was posted on November 18, 2016


Guardian stared at the blank sheet of paper. It was silly yes, but maybe Kero was right. Maybe writing a letter home would help.

Even... even though it will never be delivered.

Guardian looked up at the Grand Calendar. According to the bits she could decipher, it was now November at home. Thanksgiving would be coming soon. But this year she would get no turkey, no sweet cranberries, no stuffing, no potatoes, and no time with her family.

A gentle nudge to her arm snapped her from her tragic thoughts. Her companion's face was filled with concern. It gave a whimper and tilted its head in questioning. Guardian gave an affectionate pat to the creature's head.

"I'm fine." She smiled, even though it was a lie. "I've got plenty to be thankful for. It's just...not here."

But she trusted Kero. Maybe this was what she needed. If she listed all that she had to be thankful for back home, she could hold onto her ultimate goal a bit easier. Placing her pen to the paper, she began to write

Dear Mom and Dad...

Guidelines: Write Guardian's letter home. What is she thankful for that is waiting for her return to Earth? You have 15 lines. Use them wisely!


RULE 1: Since this is in letter format DEAR MOM AND DAD will not count towards line numbers.

RULE 2/EXAMPLE: Jolteon is the best Pokemon. Sephiroth is the most beautiful villain. I make a great cheesecake. MayaF is awesome, isn't she?
That was 2 lines. If words snake onto another line even if it is 1 word, that line counts.

RULE 3: Sincerely/love/from lines at the end of the letter will not count to 15 lines.</p>

RULE 4: This is from Guardian's perspective. The team is aware some of you have designed your forum characters to be long standing residents of Eldarya; however, this letter is written by our in game character Guardian/Erika


Place Award Winner Their Letter
1st 450 Maana OR 150 Gold lilyy [1]
2nd 350 Maana OR 100 Gold zepharus [2]
3rd 250 Maana OR 75 Gold Vaelyria [3]
4th 150 Maana OR 50 Gold AkiraMakara [4]


You can find the Thanksgiving Letter FAQ here.

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