Valkyon icon
Race Faelian
Gender Male Male
Birthday 26th February
Guard Obsidian Gem Obsidian Guard (leader)
Hair Color White
Eye Color Gold
Height 190 cm = 6,2 feet
Relatives Lance (brother)
First Appearance Episode 2

Valkyon is half-human, half-faerie, and leads the Obsidian Guard.

Solid, strapping and measuring 6 feet and 2 inches tall, this boy, with a difficult past, isn't very talkative. He is a tranquil force with a tender heart, especially when it comes to Floppy, his dear little Musarose Companion, whom he cares more than anything.

It is later revealed that he is half human and half faerie, making him a hybrid.

When his parents died he was very young. He had elder brother name Lance (they came to General Headquarters together). After his (Lance's) death he started to be introverted.

In episode 17 we've learned that he had got many girlfriends before, but he never fell in love. He said that "he have to meet wright person".

In episode 18 he said, that he isn't very religious, but he pray to Oracle when needed.

In episode 19 we've learned, that he had been in fenghuan temple before.

In episode 20 Leiftan calls Lance as Dragon, so we can think, that Valkyon is dragon too.

Appearance Edit

Valkyon has long white hair that goes down a little past his shoulders and has golden eyes. From all of three leaders he is the most looking like human. He is very muscular (we can see that on his arms and stomach). We can see lots of scars, that can mean, that he fought a lot. One of them (the one on his neck) was made by his ex girlfriend - he said that it wasn't pleasant. He usually wears white armor with gold accents and the addition of warm fur. He also wears black forearm protectors. Rest of his suit is black and grey with gold details.

Personality Edit

Leader of the Obsidian Guard, Valkyon doesn't talk much and only gives his opinion when he thinks it can help. This makes certain people quite uneasy when they try to talk to him. He remains a tranquil force with a warm heart.

Relationships Edit

Guardian Edit

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Ezarel and Nevra Edit

They are his friends. Thay must get along well, because they are leaders of the guards.

Leiftan Edit

Valkyon and Leiftan are friends. In 18th episode he was worried because of Leiftan's wound (the truth is that Leiftan hurt himself)

Lance Edit

Valkyon experience his brother's death very much. Miiko told us, that they were very close, and she is sure, that if Lance would live, he would never leave him.

Ykhar Edit

They get along very well. Ykhar has a weakness for him.

Ewelein Edit

They are friends. She helped him with looking for his companion (episode 7)

Cryllis Edit

In episode 13 we've found out that Valkyon asked Cryllis to do some protection amulets.

Huang Hua Edit

In episodes 11 and 16 we can see, that Huang Hua is quite falling in love in Valkyon. He thinks that she's beautiful women.

Enthraa Edit

We don't know why, but they don't like each other.

Chrome Edit

Chrome likes Valkyon.

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Trivia Edit

  • He likes beer (that's why the Obsidian Gurad's outfit Valhalla's Guardian has been equipped with this drink)
  • His name nearly sounds like Valkyrie and the Obsidian Gurad's outfit Valhalla's Guardian is also reference to this mythology.
  • The date of his birth is 26th February

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