Valkyon icon
Race Faelian
Gender Male Male
Guard Obsidian Gem Obsidian Guard (leader)
Hair Color White
Eye Color Gold
First Appearance Episode 2

Valkyon is half-human, half-faerie, and leads the Obsidian Guard.

Solid, strapping and measuring 6 feet and 2 inches tall, this boy, with a difficult past, isn't very talkative. He is a tranquil force with a tender heart, especially when it comes to Floppy, his dear little Musarose Companion, whom he cares more than anything.

It is later revealed that he is half human and half faerie, making him a hybrid.

Appearance Edit

Valkyon has long white hair that goes down a little past his shoulders and has golden eyes.

Personality Edit

Leader of the Obsidian Guard, Valkyon doesn't talk much and only gives his opinion when he thinks it can help. This makes certain people quite uneasy when they try to talk to him. He remains a tranquil force with a warm heart.

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